Bulk Tank Trailers Leasing & Rental Services

Now you can lease bulk transportation equipment profitably with a long or short-term lease from Transport Resources.

Chemical Process Industries can rent tank trailers or ISO containers for temporary in-plant spotting. This service is ideal for batch processing, campaigns or isolation. All units are DOT compliant and are provided clean, dry and odor free.

Private or For-Hire Fleet Operators can commit capital sparingly by leasing for peak seasons, short-term transportation contracts or other temporary needs without a long-term commitment.


  • Stainless Steel Chemical Transports of various sizes
  • Resin or Rubber-lined Acid Tanks
  • Light weight FRP lined tanks for bleach and other corrosives
  • Aluminum tanks for alcohols and solvents
  • Dry-Bulk Pneumatic and Vac-Pneumatic for foods and plastics
  • ISO containers and chassis

Available upgrades include:

  • Aluminum wheels
  • Air ride suspension
  • Vapor recovery
  • Fall protection
  • Pump lines


  • Variety of equipment to choose
  • Available on short notice
  • Flexible rates and terms


  • Ability to meet temporary needs without additional capital investment
  • Equipment specifications for Safety and Driver convenience
  • Keep your customers happy with on time deliveries
  • Simply turn in the tank at the end of the term